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Can I ship my order to someone else or a different address?

Yes, orders can be shipped to a different address than the billing address. After you enter your billing address during checkout, you'll have the option to enter a new shipping address (different than billing address).


How long will my order take to arrive including processing and shipping?

We make the best effort to process orders within two business day. For an estimate of shipping times, please reference the times below:

DHL: In 10-15 business days.

USPS: In 10-25 business days.

EMS: In 15-35 business days.

Hong Kong Post: In 25-60 working days.


How do I know when my order ships?

When your order ships, you'll receive an email confirmation with the tracking number(s) and estimated delivery date(s).


How do I track my order?

When an order is shipped, we'll update your account to show the tracking number(s) for an order, and send you an email with the shipping and tracking information.

Using the tracking number(s) provided, you can either click on the tracking numbers itself or enter the tracking number(s) into the chosen carrier's website (FedEx or USPS) to follow the path of your order from our warehouse to your destination.


How much do you charge for shipping?

We provide shipping free service to most of the main countries around the world. For orders below $50, you will be charged $9.95 shipping fee.


What methods of shipping do you offer, and what can you tell me about them?

Shipping using Express mail and Register Air mail service is included in the price of your order, and is highly recommended for most regions. Once we ship your package, we will send you tracking number once it available. The delivery time is about 10-40 working days.


How will you ship my item?

When you purchase in our website, we can confidently assure that your shipment will be sent promptly and arrive secure and intact to your door. Shipping using Express mail and Register Air mail service is included in the price of your order, and is highly recommended for most regions. Once we ship your package, we will send you tracking number once it is available. You can expect delivery time of 10-40 working days. Make sure you enter the right shipping address for your bag. Indeed, we are not responsible for reshipment in the event you provided us an incorrect delivery address.


How long does shipping take?

Shipping will vary based upon where you are located and whether or not the product you are ordering is in stock. Unlike other sites who lead you to believe that all of their products are in stock and ready to ship, we will notify you of the estimated delivery time of your item if it is out of stock. If your watch is in stock, you can typically expect delivery within 10-40 working days. If your watch is out of stock, we will notify you immediately.


What shall I do if I do not receive my order within the estimated delivery time?

If you experience such issue, you shall notify us by sending us an email to [email protected]. We will immediately investigate the situation for you and take the appropriate actions. Would it be necessary, we will work out on a replacement solution (please refer to the Return Policy). Since your order has been paid for, we commit to ensure that you will receive the items you ordered by any means.


It's been two weeks, where is my order?

Though we do not expect this to happen, if there is any significant delay with your order, we will contact you immediately. We will keep in contact with you from the time you place your order until you receive your delivery. Once your order ships, the tracking number will automatically be emailed to you, so there is no need to email us asking if your package has shipped, as we usually notify customers the same day their orders ship.


What shall I do if my shipment is lost or stolen?

In the unlikely event that your package is lost or stolen, we will investigate, and if the bag cannot be recovered, we will send you another one providing that the courier did not deliver your bag to the wrong address. We regret to inform you that if the postal service delivers the handbag to the WRONG address you have provided to us, or you have moved or changed your address without notifying us, there is nothing we can do to recover your item.


How to do if I receive a defective item?

You are pretty much unlikely to meet such problems as we only supply top quality items. Moreover, we use dual quality control to avoid shipping items of poor standard. Would the defect be related to manufacturing, we will offer you a replacement solution. Please refer to the Exchanges before sending back the items.


Will I have problem with customs?

We have many years experience in shipping orders worldwide. We guarantee that the items will be sent to you directly. We can let our products pass the customs safely by our special way.sometimes it will need to resend parcel. From July 2021, EU countries will cancel the tax exemption policy. By then, all goods will be subject to customs duties. Please pay customs duties in time to avoid unnecessary delays or additional costs. For details, please refer to the customs announcement of each country.


What happens if my shipment is lost or stolen?

It is unlikely that your package is lost or stolen. If we approve that your item lost/stolen, we will send you another item. But if the postal service delivers the items to the wrong address you provide or you have moved and changed your address without notifying us in advance, we can do nothing to recover your order.



What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa Card, Master Card, Paypal Method, More payment options will be available in the future.


The address I typed is correct, but website is not accepting it. What should I do?

Does the address you typed match the address on file with the credit card company? If you still encounter a problem after you've verified that the address matches, please contact our Customer Center for further assistance.


Can I use a debit card?

Yes, debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo are accepted.


What does PENDING mean after my checking out?

If your payment reads PENDING after you check out, it means we need to take two days to varify your order. Once it goes through, it will read PAID. If it has been more than two days in the status of PENDING, then it means your order fail. Please replace your order. In the case that your order doesnt go through while your money seems to be transferred succesfully to us, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


Your account

How do I sign in to account center?

If you are a returning customer, click the'Sign In'tab located on the top of the screen, and enter your email address and password. If you are a new customer, click the'Sign In'tab, and create an account by following the instructions provided.


How do I update my account information, including changes to my home/email address?

Sign in to account center, and click the'My Account'tab located at the top of the screen. Once you're in the My Account section, you will be able to update your information.


How do I change my password?

Sign in to account center and click the'My Account'tab located at the top of the screen. Once you're in the 'My Account' section, you will be able to make any updates, or changes, to your account.


What do I do if my password doesn't work?

In the 'My Account'page, click on "Forgot Password?", located underneath the sign in. This will open a new window, where you'll be asked for your email address. Enter your email, and we'll send you password recovery mail. Follow the instructions on the email to log in with this recovery link, and then reset a new one.




What is meant by the terms: Automatic, Quartz and a Sweeping Second hand?

Automatic refers to a watch movement that consists of a self-winding mechanism, which allows the watch to run on its own without batteries. The advantage to this is that batteries are not required for the watch to run. The disadvantage to it is that the watch should be serviced every few years to make sure it runs smoothly.


Quartz refers to a watch movement that runs from a battery. The advantage to this is that the watch normally lasts longer than an automatic watch. The disadvantage to it is that the battery has to be changed every so often.


A sweeping second hand refers to a second hand that sweeps smoothly instead of ticking once every second. Basically, its movement consists of a bunch of very tiny, rapid ticks that combine to make it look like the hand is sweeping smoothly. All automatic watches have a sweeping second hand, and all quartz watches have a ticking second hand.


How can I care for my Valjoux 7750b1/7750a based watch?

To avoid doing damage to your 7750 movement, please do not set the date when the watch is between 10:00 and 3:00. If you need to set the date, please adjust the time temporarily outside of the 10-3 range, set the date, and then re-set the time. Setting the date while the watch is between 10:00 and 3:00 will damage the gears of the watch. Please note that the Swiss 7750b movement uses a pusher button on the side of the case to set the date, and the date on these models can be set at any time. When you first receive the watch, please give it 40-50 winds to get the power-reserve back up to optimal conditions.


What happens if my watch stops working?

We have a generous exchange program for most models. If your watch stops working within the 14- day guaranteed period (please refer to Returns/Exchanges), simply return it to us and we will either repair it or exchange it for a brand new one. Please note that this exchange does not apply to watches that have suffered physical damage caused by the customer, and that we will not refund any return shipping costs UNLESS you received the wrong model. If you think your watch is broken and return it to us to refund or repair but it turns out to work functionally, we will ship the same watch back to you.


What quality of diamonds do you use on your watches?

The Diamonds we use on our Watches are Carefully selected High Quality Cubic Zirconias which gives the look of the Authentic Diamonds. It's Carefully Cut Diamonds which gives a 99% Exact duplication of the Authentic Diamonds.


I received my watch, but it appears to be damaged from shipping

Though this does not often happen, sometimes automatic models are damaged during shipping due to extreme mishandling by the courier. The most commonly broken part is the movement rotor on automatic models. In many cases, if you are familiar with watches, you may snap this piece back on easily. If you receive a damaged watch, please send it back to us and we will exchange it for a new one or repair it for you (as for the warranted return period, please refer to the Return Policy). Please note that since we did not break the watch, we cannot reimburse you for shipping back to us, but we CAN repair your watch for free. Our goal is to provide you with the quality watch you ordered originally, and therefore there will be no discussion of partial refunds or reimbursement of any other type other than the repair or replacement of your watch.


What is your return policy?

Considering we only deal with high quality products, you can easily reason out that it is a rare case you return the item back. If you request a return, most probably due to a defect issue, you would simply need to inform our customer service staffs by emailing to [email protected]. We will reply with a satisfying and effective solution. Please refer to the Return Policy before sending back the items.


What about out-of-stock items?

We make every effort to keep a good stock of all the items on our site. However, a high-demand item may go out-of-stock occasionally. If the item you order is out-of-stock, we will notify you via email or phone call. Usually, it takes 6 days to restock the item, you may wait for the restock of your order or have other replacement.


I ordered and received the item but i wish to change it for some other model, what are my options?

If you wish to change your item for a different model or feel that you have made a mistake and ordered a Wrong item , we allow an exchange process within 14 days after receiving the item and a $20-40 Handing & shipping cost will apply. Please refer to the Exchanges before sending back your item.


You do not have the item I am looking for, can you source it for me?

You name it, we will get it! Unless it does not exist or was never released on our market. Please simply send us a picture of the item you are looking for to [email protected]. More details given would be easier and quicker to locate the item at the factories.


What is your address for returns or exchanges?

As for returns or exchanges, we would like to refer you to our Returns/Exchanges at first. After you carefully read the policy, we advice you to contact our staff before sending items back to us, as there may be times when we can help you avoid unnecessary costs of sending your items back to us. We'll tell you the best way to handle your returns or exchanges and what you can expect from us.


How do you ensure your products after I finish payment?

Within 3 working days after you finish payment, we will send detailed list which is including: order number, payment time, tracking number of the express, payment sum, probably deliver time and the name of purchased products and quantity.


Will the funds be paid immediately or after I get the goods when I purchase by Credit Card?

The funds should be paid immediately by Credit Card if you card is lower risk. If the products quality has problem after you receive the goods, please contact us ASAP, we will deal with the return procedure for you.


I have read everything in your FAQ, but still can‘t find the answer to my questions. It's pretty easy, just contact our customer service, we will reply you as soon as possible.


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